About Me

Wendy Malham

Hi, my name is Wendy and I love making jewellery. I have loved art and design since a child, working for many years in the creative industry.

I love the outdoors and am passionate about nature, the sea and the beautiful Cornish landscape that constantly inspires me and my jewellery designs.

I love walking the coast paths and swimming in the many secluded sea pools around Cornwall where my childhood dream of being a mermaid can come alive. Observing the textures and colours of the rocks, the sea and waves, the changing weather and the ebb and flow of the tides make me feel so connected to this ancient landscape.

I love taking my van to remote parts of Cornwall, where I can breath in the landscape and immerse myself in the colours and textures that surround me. With my sketch book in hand and silversmithing equipment on board, I can capture these moments and literally transfer this creativity into my jewellery designs. 

I lovingly create every piece of jewellery by hand at my home in Truro or from my van overlooking one of my favourite views by the sea.

I use traditional silversmith, silver clay and enamelling techniques and tools and take an immense sense of pride and pleasure in the pieces of jewellery that I create.

I hope that when purchasing a piece of my jewellery it will also give you great pleasure and bring you a little closer to nature, the sea and the beauty of Cornwall. 

Wendy Malham Song of the Sea Jewellery

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