A New Chapter: Introducing “Song of the Sea Jewellery”

I'm thrilled to unveil "Song of the Sea Jewellery" to all of you.

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I’m thrilled to unveil “Song of the Sea Jewellery” to all of you. Every twist of silver and shimmer of stone you see here has been inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Cornwall’s coastlines that I’ve adored since childhood.

Wendy Malham Song of the Sea Jewellery
Introducing Song of The Sea Jewellery

My journey, from wandering along the rugged coast paths to diving into the hidden sea pools, has always been about feeling a deep connection with this ancient landscape. And with every piece I craft, I aim to encapsulate that very essence.

Whether I’m crafting from my home in Truro or from my van with the ocean as my backdrop, I pour my love for Cornwall and its mesmerising beauty into every design. With traditional silversmithing, silver clay, and enamelling techniques, I’ve tried to capture the hues of the horizon, the whispers of the waves, and the tales of the tides.

As you explore the collection, I hope you sense the spirit of Cornwall in each piece. I invite you to not just wear the jewellery but to feel the embrace of the sea, the charm of the coast, and a part of my heart. Welcome to “Song of the Sea Jewellery”.

Warmly, Wendy

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