Mermaid Silver Statement Ring

This ring is the ultimate purchase for all budding or experienced mermaids out there. Handmade from recycled sterling silver, shaped and textured to represent the graceful movement of a mermaid as she swims and dives through the waves of a shimmering sea. This really is a unique piece of jewellery.



Mermaid Silver Statement Ring

I have dreamed of being a mermaid ever since I was a child and my father named me his little mermaid, a result of never wanting to get out of the sea where I would stay for hours with our family black Labrador Retriever, who at a distance would look like my faithful seal swimming by my side.

This ring is a real statement piece measuring 28mm across the tip of mermaid’s tail. I absolutely loved designing this piece, spending hours getting the shape of the mermaids tail, exactly as I wanted it to be.

I hand cut the mermaid’s tail from recycled sterling silver sheet, adding detail to the tail with a delicate engraving technique. I then texture the rest of her tail by hammering the silver to represent the scales of her beautiful tale. I then shape the ring to wrap around your finger creating the curve of her tail as if she was diving into or under the waves of the sea. A true mermaid experience.

As the ring is not soldered, it can be shaped to fit a range of sizes.

This ring is the ultimate purchase for all the budding or experienced mermaids out there.