Ripples Silver Hoop Earring

A classic silver hoop earring with a combination of a smooth and hammered finish to create the contrast of the ever changing movement of the sea.



Ripples Silver Hoop Earring

This is my take on the classic hoop earring.

I hand make each pair using recycled sterling silver. The drop measures 47mm from a stud post setting. I polish the top half of the hoop to emulate the smoothness of the water on a calm day as the sun bounces and glints off its surface. I then hammer the bottom half to resembles the texture and ripples of the sea.

I love the contrast of the two finishes, ever changing like the ocean, smooth one minute, calmly lapping against the shore and then those huge waves crashing with an energy that takes your breath away.

This piece is part of my Ripples collection with a range of pendants, bracelets, bangles and rings to match to fully immerse yourself in the sea.