Ripples Silver Stud and Drop Earring Combination

Immerse yourself in the sea with my handmade Ripples silver stud and drop combination earrings designed to create the movement and fluidity of water.



Ripples Silver Stud and Drop Earring Combination

The shape and form of these earrings are inspired by my love of the sea and the movement it creates when watching it, but especially when I am immersed in it.

It is constantly changing, never appearing or feeling the same. Whether it is a summer sea when the water is warmer, and the waves more gentle and you can float on its surface or glide underneath feeling the water gently surrounding you, or in the winter when its coldness can take your breath away but equally energise you and connect you to the strength of nature and it’s powers.

These earrings are a combination of my stud and drop earrings, designed using both elements to create a unique statement piece of jewellery. Handmade using two widths of recycled sterling silver. The top stud circle measures 14mm and the larger drop circle measure 25mm and hammered to create the texture and reflections of water. The top circle is slightly smaller as I use a softer tool to create a lighter texture.

I create my jewellery to be fluid, to move with our bodies, to create the ebb and flow, the swells and the ripples, just as water does. These earrings move and flow with your body to reflect the constant movement of the sea.

When wearing these earrings I always feel that connection with the sea and the energy created by its constant movement and is the perfect gift for a fellow sea lover.

This piece is part of my Ripples collection with a range of pendants, bracelets, bangles and rings to match to fully immerse yourself in the sea.