Waves Silver Bangle

This unique handmade individually hammered silver wave bracelet is a real statement piece of jewellery for al lovers of the sea.



Waves Silver Bangle

The shape and texture of this bangle is inspired by the movement and motion of the sea. I am constantly mesmerised by the ebb and flow of the water, the energy of the sea as it swells, pulling the sand and pebbles back and forth and crashing against the rocks creating foam and spray.

I make each bangle by hand using recycled sterling silver and individually shape and hammer the silver to create this natural movement, just like nature, not one wave is the same.

The width of the silver is 2.5mm, and hammered to create the texture and reflections of the water, creating a real statement piece of jewellery. Pushed up your arm it will create a cuff and stay in place, or let it move gently around your wrist.

If you love the water and the sea the movement and the energy it creates, you will love this piece.