Love Heart Silver Double Bangle

Immerse yourself in love with these uniquely designed and handmade double silver bangles connected by a simple yet powerful heart.



Love Heart Silver Double Bangle

A simple heart shape that evokes such emotion and carries such a beautiful message.

I hand make each bangle using two widths of recycled sterling silver. Bangle one is slightly wider and hammered to create a texture that sparkles Bangle two is slightly narrower and hammered using a softer tool to create a lighter texture. Both bangles are connected by a simple silver heart which I texture to compliment the intricacies of each bangle.

The silver heart is made in two sections then carefully soldered together to create the simple yet powerful shape that we all know and love.

As I was busy working away at my jewellers bench, I then got thinking that no two hearts are actually the same. Everyone of us feels and thinks differently and that it what makes us all unique, just as these hearts are.

This piece is part of my Love Heart collection with a range of earrings, bangles and rings to match to fully immerse yourself in love.