Silver stacking bangles

Create that jingle, jangle sound we all love with this set of three hand made silver stacking bangles.



Silver stacking bangles

I just love the jingle, jangle sound that these bangles make on my arm as I go about my day. They almost feel part of me as I move and I love the sparkle they create as the light hits the different textures on the silver.

I hand make each bangle using 2mm wide recycled sterling silver in either a traditional straight or wavy design and then texture the surface using two different types of hammers.

The hammered texture, for me resembles the ripples and movement of the sea. The sparkle texture reminds me of rays of sunshine as they touch the surface of the rippling waves and the smooth untouched finish, is like the sea on a calm day, as the water gently laps against the shore. Buy all three stacking bracelets together here for that ultimate jangle.